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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donors Want Data -- Great Option for Design

Donors do want data but not if it is mind-numbing.  It should be clear, honest, and relevant.  It should tell a story. It can tell a story.  Check out Nicholas Felton, data design guru, and his personal annual reports.   MUCH MORE INTERESTING than corporate or non-profit annual reports. 

Storytelling -- non-fiction -- is what generates the emotions that inspire giving.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ariana Huffington and the 20+ generation

Yesterday at the annual Council of Foundation's meeting being held in Philadelphia this year, Arianna Huffington spoke -- quite early indeed -- about the the critical need people have to be involved -- to take action.  Even with technology providing ways to communicate in faster, better more constant ways, people want to engage.  Actually they want both -- technology but not replacing human interaction.

This was a theme of the Millenium Donors Report 2011 that was released by Achieve and JGA.  It was their second such report and they found that Millenials prefer to give online or using online tools but that they also volunteer in person and their giving follows links to their volunteering.

One of the other findings was that organizations have to prioritize gaining and maintaining the trust of their donors.  Some of  their suggestions to do that?  endorsement by family or friends; report financial condition, opportunities to meet leadership.